Copy back content from iPod to PC


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We have tested lots of programs that try to solve the problem of the missing feature in iTunes that makes impossible to copy the content of your iPod back to your PC or sync your iPod with several computers, and Touch Copy offers a really good solution, in fact, it even offers more features than other ones because it allows you to copy back all the content from your iPod to your computer and share the content with other iPods or simply synchronize your iPod ih your laptop and your Home PC.

Copy iPod music, playlists, podcasts, games and video to your PC. Backup your iPod music and video in a couple of mouse clicks, copy and manage Notes, Contacts and Calendars on your iPod,... a lot of features offered by this really good program that makes you to power up your iPod experience.

It even allows you to play music and video on your iPod through your PC without having iTunes installed. No matter if it is an iPhone, iPod touch, nano, mini or shuffle it supports all of them.

15 days trial version and it restores up to 40 items.

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